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78% of 23 tasks completed. 5 open tasks:

FS#294 - Use Seeder/Leecher Ratio to filter torrents Expand Collapse
Use seeder/leecher ratio (additional to the minimum seeder count) to filter torrents.

A good ratio (for fast downloading) seems to be a higher percentage of seeders.
FS#306 - Move URL translator into ted Expand Collapse
As requested, move the URL translator from the webservice into ted code, preferably configureble via the shows_clean.xml file
FS#307 - Airtime seems to be a day off Expand Collapse
For 24, season 8 episode 6 is shown in ted as "vandaag at 02:00" and the show status is 'check'. This is not correct.
The episode airs at 9pm US time, that is indeed 02:00 here, but not vandaag (monday) but morgen (tuesday)

Same holds for lost, season 6 episode 1 is shown as "morgen at 02:00" while it is "wednesdag at 02:00"
FS#316 - Application icon in windows is gone Expand Collapse
The start menu entry of ted in windows misses an icon, it now has a generic windows application icon.

I think this should be fixed in the installer..
FS#322 - Not downloading torrent while there is one found Expand Collapse
See https://ted.nu/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2237

A user reports an issue where there is a torrent found but it is not downloaded. The log shows that ted finds a torrent and tries to download. The only weird thing is that ".torrentName" has been appended to the download URL.

Roadmap for version 0.98 Expand all | Collapse all

29% of 31 tasks completed. 22 open tasks:

FS#114 - Request a new show button Expand Collapse
It would be nice to have something like a "request show" button or a "is your show not listed" button which will open the page on the ted website explaining how to request a new show.

This way it'll be much easier for people to see how they can add show to ted list.
FS#195 - edit show dialog: modify default feeds Expand Collapse
Make it easier to modify the default feeds that ted uses to find shows. Add them to the general settings. Let users choose whether they want to use the global feeds, their own feeds or both.
FS#213 - Rewrite parser Expand Collapse
Currently the parser is such a mess that it's hard to add new functionality. Please investigate a proper way to set up a new parser and implement it!
FS#214 - Make a log per show Expand Collapse
It would be nice to have a seperate log for each show. We could even expand this log (and therefor it isn't a log anymore :)) with extra functionality.
* let the user select a torrent to download
* parse again disregarding the latest downloaded torrent
FS#216 - edit show dialog: add episode chooser dialog to the general tab Expand Collapse
Instead of opening the episode chooser with a button, display it on the general tab directly so users can easily select another episode when needed.

Display chooser without torrent site info first, update chooser when the availability info is known
FS#227 - Support Anime shows Expand Collapse
As Anime shows don't have a season and episode number they are currently not supported by ted. Examples of anime shows are Naruto and Bleach.
FS#234 - Show ended status in main table Expand Collapse
Retrieve ended date from TvRage: http://www.tvrage.com/feeds/full_show_info.php?
FS#237 - add localized amazon stores to ted Expand Collapse
instead of only linking to amazon.com, we should add links to localized versions of amazon, based on language/country
FS#246 - add season/episode numbers to the search feeds Expand Collapse
ted is really good at finding the latest aired episodes. But with popular shows, the search feeds of the torrent sites moslty contain only the 3 latest episodes, the rest is not in there because they only list the 30 latest torrents or so.

if ted could add season/episode numbers to the search queries he does on the torrent sites, that could increase the chance of finding older episodes.

- now ted loads the feed for a show once, then goes parsing. even when he has to search for multiple episodes after eachother. that has to be changed so that every episode will load its own feeds.
- we might want to remove the 'availability' bars, since it will take too long to compute if we add this new way of searching, you have to do a query on the torrent sites for every single episode
- i dont know if just querying on "lost 5 2" will do the trick.
- this will obviously only work for search based torrent sites (which is what we use by default)
FS#258 - Start ted as a daemon Expand Collapse
This task is for the already started implementation of running ted as a daemon on Linux
FS#268 - Split auto-update checkbox in episode dialog. Expand Collapse
Create a checkbox for updating the feeds, filters, schedules.
FS#277 - Add update schedule notifier Expand Collapse
In the edit show dialog there should be a notifier that ted is busy after you pressed the update schedule button.

Now ted 'hangs' and the button stays pressed.
FS#282 - Spilt up shows_clean.xml Expand Collapse
Currently there is lot's of information in the shows_clean.xml file.

Some of that shouldn't be there cause as the show suggest it should contain only show information. So it would be a good idea to split the file into several other files.
FS#283 - Make plug-in support for ted Expand Collapse
It would be very useful if ted was able to support plug-ins. We could take a lot of the stuff that if now centrally localized and put them into a plug-in.

One has to think of:
- The way RSS feeds are handled (translation from rss url to torrent url)
- Where tv show information is retrieved
- Tv show schedules

We should come up with a way to do make this able in ted. Should plug-ins be "registered" or is putting them in the plug-in folder good enough? Is for example one of the questions.

This issue is mostly for the discussion on this subject.
FS#287 - Make a web UI Expand Collapse
Web UI for Ted

* Requires the separation of ted's core from the UI.

* The web UI would possibly be implemented using GWT.

* Should consider the modularisation of TED's core into a seperate JAR,
and including it as a dependency for both of the UI implementations.

* Should consider separate projects for each UI implementation, as it would
be useless to package the Swing code up with the GWT UI WAR.
FS#288 - Display 'aired X days ago' on shows aired but not found yet Expand Collapse
Sometimes one of my shows is in 'green' status waiting to be downloaded, but I don't necessarily know if it needs attention or not. So, hidden among the other daily shows that are in 'green' status, it stays in the queue and I might not notice for a while that it isn't working.

It would make this much easier just to scan through the green shows and see "Aired 5 days ago" .. then I know something is wrong with the configuration and needs attention.

FS#289 - Add TheTVDB support. Expand Collapse
Add support for TheTVDB.com. It includes a fully API, so should be a lot easier to use as a datasource.

We could use tvrage and epguides as a backup source for data.

TheTVDB is already being used by other projects like boxee and XBMC.

Java API appears here: http://code.google.com/p/javatvdbapi/
FS#312 - Move to normal version numbering Expand Collapse
Our version number doesn't make a lot of sense. We should add some dots (as normal software companies do :) So instead of 0.972,
FS#313 - Get a new torrent sniffer Expand Collapse
To retrieve seeder/leecher count of a torrent, we use torrentsniffer. A really old and dead java torrent libary.

It has some issues:

- It does not do DHT, so it does not count seeders that are not listed on trackers
- It only checks one tracker, although the torrent can have more

In practice, this means that ted mostly cannot determine the seeder/leecher count of a torrent and thus blocks it from downloading.

We should get a new torrent library (or implement our own?) that can do all the things mentioned above so ted can better judge the quality of torrents.

I found some open source libraries and although developement on them was stopped, they might be useful for us to try out. I contacted one of the developers of such a libary to see if he is interested of helping us integrate his code into ted. He responded positive. See his project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/yaircc/
FS#315 - Read tvrage id from xml Expand Collapse
This bug was fixed in ted 0.972 but since ted 0.98 has a new way of parsing the shows_clean.xml, double check if it still works in 0.98.
FS#319 - Log: summary of search in detailed log breaks the scroll interac Expand Collapse
In the new log window which displays log lines in table form, the summarized search log is displayed within the detailed log. This summary has multiple lines displayed in 1 table row. When I scroll with my mousewheel, the next row is shown (so you skip a big part of the summary). Better would be if the scrolling interaction would scroll just a bit down, showing the next bit of the summary in the table row.
FS#320 - Log: log table does not support multi row selection Expand Collapse
Lots of users post excerpts of the log on the forum when problems occur. While I am in favor of providing feedback about what's wrong in the main UI of ted, at the moment the log is the main source for errors.

Users now cannot copy multiple lines of the log to post them onto the forum, that should be possible for providing support.

Roadmap for version 1.0 Expand all | Collapse all

79% of 36 tasks completed. 9 open tasks:

FS#27 - Put ted in the \"Startup\" folder Expand Collapse
Let ted put himself in the \"Startup\" folder or somewhere in the registry such that ted is booted whenever windows starts up
FS#42 - Command line switch for only parsing the shows Expand Collapse
FS#77 - automatic updater Expand Collapse
Now ted checks his version and guides the user to the download page to download a new version. In the end there are only a few files that change (mostly ted.jar) if ted is updated. It would be nice if ted can download these files himself and then restart, thus performing an automatic update.
FS#208 - Download subtitles Expand Collapse
FS#211 - Minimalistic table view Expand Collapse
Add a minimalistic table view, something like the table we had in the beginning, for people with losts of shows listed in ted.

FS#250 - Code Format Expand Collapse
Auto format all code files with the attached formatter configuration, for eclipse.

This task will be done shortly after the 0.97 release
FS#252 - Code templates Expand Collapse
Uniformize eclipse's auto generation for new types, stub methods, code style, etc
FS#264 - Investigate using SWT instead of Swing for UI Expand Collapse
The multi platform support of Java is nice but the UI of our application looks slightly different on every OS unfortunately. We might wanna consider using SWT for our UI

Looks the same on every OS
Tray support (plug in not needed anymore)
Java web start :)

Rewrite the UI

FS#295 - New UI Expand Collapse
I'm currently sketching a new UI for ted which will improve the usability and make room for features that I think are really needed to improve the workflow within ted (like manually picking a torrent, start a search on a specific episode, see what went wrong while searching episodes, etc.)

I will post some screenshots and explanation when my sketch is ready.

Roadmap for version 1.5 Expand all | Collapse all

50% of 2 tasks completed. 1 open tasks:

FS#33 - support nzb files Expand Collapse
NZB files are like torrent files exept that they point to files on binary newsgroups. it would be nice if ted also supports these files.

i checked some NZB sites but it also looks like every file released (some large episodes are released in 10 rar files for example) all have their own entry in the feed so then its relative hard for ted, he then also have to download all those 10 nzb files to get a full episode.

also i dont know if you can get the content filesize in some way from such a file.

check: http://binsearch.info/rssfeed.php

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