Download ted

The latest stable release of ted is 0.972.

Download ted 0.972
windows for windows (.exe)
osX for mac (.dmg)
linux for linux (.zip)

Known bugs and feature requests are listed in our bugtracker. To report bugs or feature requests, check our UserVoice page.

System Requirements

Ted works on Windows, Linux and Mac systems that have Java Runtime Environment 5.0 installed. Get it here. You need a bittorrent client, like Azureus, µTorrent or Bitcomet to actually download the episodes.


For instructions how to extract, run and use ted, check our online documentation!

Development builds

You can also use our development release that we make once in a while to try out the latest development version of ted. This will give you access to all the latest features and bugfixes and gives you the opportunity to give this pre-release version a testdrive. Click for more information.


ted is totally free, and will be free forever. If you like ted, you can help us by donating any amount of money you can spare so we can pay for our domainname and other expenses.

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