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ted demo video

07 10 08 - 21:45

I recorded a little demo video that shows how easy it is to use ted. It shows all the basics you need to keep up to date with your favorite tv shows.

ted demo from ted on Vimeo.

download ted


I do exactly this but when I add the show it doesn’t go to transmission. Help?
A.R. (Email) - 17 02 09 - 22:30

Yea, I have the same problem with it going to transmission, could you please post a comment on here about why? Should I have utorrent running at the same time, or does ted use it own torrent downloader?
Dub - 25 02 09 - 21:18

Same problem here.
Rod - 05 03 09 - 23:54

Does transmission open a torrent file when you double click it in finder?
Roel (Email) - 10 03 09 - 14:25

mine says“the file is not a movie file”

wat do i do with this?
har (Email) - 18 03 09 - 11:17

would it be possible to create a similar application for nzb’s ? (newsgroups/usenet)
DLSS (Email) - 29 03 09 - 15:02

I like to be able to select the quality of the video (1080p, 720) etc…

How could I do that?

Steve F - 02 04 09 - 05:14

Hello! How can I find series in german langues? Ted shows me always the series in englisch. What changes at Ted I have to do?

Best Regards from Germany…
Frank - 19 07 09 - 22:59

People if you are having problems getting Ted configured just checkout this page that I hound in the help & it will tell you exactly how to set it up the right way, but to tell you the truth if you installed your torrent client to be the default torrent downloader, then it should pick it up with no problem, but if not here is the link for the help below.
Cye - 07 10 09 - 08:50

Oh & after you set the folders in both programs. Basically you open up ted & set the download folder for the torrent file to download to the same folder as your torrent client & I did that in uTorrent on my Mac, but one little step that no one talks about that I found you must do at least on my mac is you must close both programs & then restart them both & then it will work perfectly. Good Luck & Enjoy!
Cye - 07 10 09 - 09:49

It says it found (no.) of torrents bt downloads none.And even a transmission box is nt shown.
Roshal - 04 01 10 - 20:11

can you provide a youtube mirror? vimeo is worthless
charles - 12 01 10 - 16:56

I like TEDs design, but would like it better if I could run it as a service as I want my server to run such applications unintended and automatically when re-started without requiring a users login.

It seems to run well as a service (using srvany) but without any U.I. when I run it up separately to edit I presume I have to stop and restart the servcie to pick up changes. That’s annoying.

I suggest redesigning it to run as a service and provide a web interfce as it’s an application deserving design for use on a server.

I’ve also noticed that every custom series I add I have to add a feed I trust. It would be nice to add to the list of default feeds automatically created custom entries as well (or perhaps even just add the others in the list – such as btjunkie).
phemtrix (Email) - 06 03 10 - 10:25

Ha mannen, mooi proggie, en tis al gevraagd maar ik zag geen antwoord of kijk er overheen, maar is dit ook te maken wat gericht kan zoeken in nieuwsgroepen?
Kan ik jullie daar een opdracht toe geven? Kunnen we met elkaar mailen?
groet, Jean
Jean (Email) - 26 04 10 - 12:37

I am new to ted but I recognized that you don’t use tvundergorund.org.ru as a source. Might be a good idea, don’t you think?
David - 18 07 10 - 11:37

hi. I am new to Ted AND I HAVE PROBLEM WITH MY NETWORK, if i try to add show, it gives me a network error and asks me to go to prefrence. but yet i cannot get the problem solved…..
[sunnyfats] (Email) - 09 05 11 - 00:15

Fails on any i try and says check log. (3. An error occurred while retrieving torrent info) Maybe ill check it out again next year/version. Never had issues with RSS on utorrent.
supermankelly (Email) - 29 12 11 - 11:58

Have you ever thought about adding a little bit more than just your thoughts? I mean, what you say is important and everything. But its got no punch, no pop! Maybe if you added a pic or two, a video? You could have such a more powerful blog if you let people SEE what youre talking about instead of just reading it.
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