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If you like living on the edge, you could use the pre-release version of ted. We make builds of ted every now and then, that we use ourselfs to test new versions. Using a pre-release version allows you to enjoy new features while they're still hot and gives you a chance to contribute by finding bugs that might be in the pre-release version. Remember: the pre-release version is still under development so it could contain some weird behaviour :) But we use this version ourself, so we make sure that at least all basic functions work and no data is lost.



To use a pre-release version of ted, first install the latest stable version of ted from our download page.

Then download the latest development version of ted from our version system. Everything in that folder should be downloaded and be copied to your ted folder.

It might be easier to download the zip file of this folder and unpack this in your ted folder.

After downloading the development build follow the instructions for your operating system:


Copy the jars in the ted application folder, c:\Program Files\Torrent Episode Downloader\ by default.


You have to insert the jars into the ted application. Find "" in your application folder. Right click "" and select "Show package contents". Paste "ted.jar" over the jar already present in the "Contents/Resources/Java" folder.


Copy the jars in the folder where you've extracted the zip file or the official release.


The jar which launches ted is called ted0972-0972-SNAPSHOT.jar. You could rename it to ted.jar if you would want to.

What's new

To check what is being worked on for the next release, you can use our roadmap.


If you find bugs, check if they're not already listed in our bug tracker and if that's not the case, report them in our forum. Logo
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