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This list contains all the new features and changes that were added to ted with a new release.




Bug fixes

  • For some users ted would not start anymore after upgrading to v0.97
  • Missing network icon added
  • Adjusted date string: "will air on today" is now "will air today"


released: 04-10-2009

New features

  • Support for HD shows.
  • Sort shows on name or air date.
  • EZRss feed parser support.
  • Proxy support via new network preferences tab.
  • Edit multiple shows at once.
  • Nicer air dates in main dialog (tomorrow, today, ...).
  • Seeders and file sizes are taken from rss feed before contacting tracker. Makes parsing faster and more robust.
  • Filter on private trackers option
  • Option to update show schedule in edit show dialog.
  • yyyy mm dd is added as a valid date.
  • Added window that shows information about new ted or show list updates.
  • Adjustments to the translator so it is easier to work with
  • Changed rss library because of extensive logging
  • In/export shows function support
  • Added never/always buttons to update pop up dialogs
  • Help button on tabs dialogs points to correct help page

Bug fixes

  • Tray icon disabled on 64 bits machines so ted starts.
  • Fix for lost shows after adding show and restart.
  • Show list is downloaded when not present.
  • Schedule parser fix when season 0 is present.
  • Adjusted default download folders for different OS.
  • If download folder not present create it (otherwise warn user).
  • Wild clicking in add show dialog caused inconsistent data.
  • Rejected torrents because of keywords show up in log.
  • When the directory path was too long UI of preferences menu was disarranged.
  • Renamed compressed file filter into generic file filter.
  • Fixed allowing '=' in the config (directory path).
  • Right mouse click in main table doesn't need focus of main table.
  • Message that dis/enable tray icon needs reboot.
  • Linux tray support.
  • Fixed some epguides parsing problems.
  • Don't crash when xml file from TVRage can't be downloaded.
  • Fixed bug in synchronizer show definitions.
  • The characters [ and ] are invalid in torrent name.
  • Don't increase episode number when torrent can't be downloaded.
  • Don't always update schedule when closing edit show dialog.
  • Some connection time outs were hard coded now linked to config.
  • Add show dialog has a title.


  • Manual schedulers.
  • Double episode support.


released: 09-10-2008

Bug Fixes

  • Parse shows did not work at start of ted on Windows OS
  • Open torrent files in torrent client when torrent path contains spaces on MacOS
  • Update status bar count down when adjusting time between parse rounds
  • Details of shows are no longer overwritten at the start of ted


released: 04-10-2008

New Features

  • Automatic Episode scheduler; determines airdate and episode titles by using information from epguides and TVRage
  • Option to set your time zone
  • Changed Add Show dialog look and feel, it's now easier to select the episode you want to search for
  • Choose your own table colors
  • Pop-up dailogs can now auto-close themselves
  • More show information (airdate and title) displayed in main dialog.


  • Improved memory management (on mac)
  • Improved UI, native search box and help buttons (on mac)
  • Check for new version every x parsing rounds instead of only at startup
  • Speed up retrieval of the show information
  • Added missing log messages


released: 16-02-2008


  • New design main table
  • Search box in Add show dialog
  • Adjusted error messages generated by torrent tracker
  • Feeds for shows are now automatically generated
  • Checking for new version of shows.xml is faster
  • Mored daily show parse formats (e.g. 1st Jan 2008)
  • Little Growl enhancements

Bug fixes

  • Daily date year combobox bug fixed
  • Menus are no longer grayed out under Leopard
  • Window resize saved on moment of resize not on exit
  • XML writer from date bug fixed
  • XML writer break date bug fixed
  • URL name translater bug fixed
  • Fixed hurray bug


released: 12-10-2007

New features

  • New log that clarifies the parse results per show
  • All shows are checked for new episodes at the same time
  • Growl support (better message support for Mac)
  • On Linux Firefox is added as browser to open weblinks
  • UI modifications to make the windows of ted look nicer on all platforms
  • Show error messages is disabled on default
  • Feeds are now loaded only one time when parsing
  • Counter is updated every minute instead of every second (saves CPU)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some memory issues
  • On Linux the default folder where ted stores its data is now ".Torrent Episode Downloader" in the users home folder
  • Daily show torrent urls are translated
  • Export to XML saves to correct location
  • Seeder filter now checks for 'more or equal' instead of 'more'
  • Update show list settings are correctly used


  • Catalan (new)
  • French (update)
  • Italian (update)
  • Norwegian (update)


released: 30-07-2007

New Features

  • Shows can easier be added.
  • UI make over for the edit show, configuration and main window
  • Daily shows are supported
  • Feeds can easier be added to a show in the edit show dialog
  • Do not parse at start option
  • Checks to see if a new version is available every 5 parsing round
  • Dialog that shows which episodes are available for a show
  • Do not log to file option
  • Improved new season available check
  • Check if entered download location exists
  • Option to filter out compressed files (password protected)
  • Built in translator
  • Configuration is saved in system folders

Fixed Bugs

  • Configuration and edit show dialog can no longer be resized
  • Timeout setting correctly displayed in configuration dialog
  • Log is saved to file for MacOS
  • Unknown object '>'report is now proper defined
  • Added brackets check to keyword filter
  • Fixed log memory leak
  • Removed download all option


  • Complete: English, Dutch, Greek, French, German, Italian
  • Partial: Danish, Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish


released: 21-1-2007


  • parsing can be stopped
  • log is saved in file
  • option for exporting shows to valid xml file
  • more break schedule options
  • name and status column are adjustable
  • menu item for downloading latest show information
  • menu item for updating show information
  • time-out when looking for a new version
  • filter torrents on amount of seeders
  • new logging system (thanks to Matthias)
  • automatically setting filters for each show
  • parsing progress for each show
  • status visible for each show
  • row of currently parsing show is green


  • 'Ted' is now 'ted'
  • buttons are disabled if they can't be used
  • switched to a more 'windows' looking lay-out
  • status can't be changed anymore by clicking tv's
  • some xml tags are made optional
  • fixed displaying wrong day bug
  • automatically open torrent files on MacOS
  • repaired few glitches preferences dialog
  • date is not used or parsing the feeds
  • xml file for show definitions
  • parser counts back in minutes
  • updating feeds bug fixed


released: 16-07-2006


  • centralized torrenturl translator (this means that new sites can be added easily and changed sites can be fixed without the need of updating ted)
  • centralized feed list (ted will download the latest version of the predifined feedlist at startup)
  • autoadjust changed feeds of shows
  •,, support
  • open torrent support on MacOS


  • multiple feeds per show
  • cleaner user interface (also for MacOS)
  • the download all feature now asks if you want to download everything from a feed, or only new items


release: 26-03-2006

ted is open source! released under gpl 2.0


  • support for mininova, the pirate bay, mrtwig and feeds
  • support for season/episode 103 (= s1 e3)
  • ted now saves x, y, width and heigth of the main window
  • an argument that can be passed at startup to decide if ted should add a trayicon (-Dtray=1 or -Dtray=0)
  • a download all option for a show, this downloads everything from the feed
  • a show can be paused or on hold (see the icons in the table)
  • episode and break scheduler that automaticaly put the show on hold or pause and checks when ted should start checking for new episodes again
  • context menu when you right-click the show table


  • config dialog no longer closable with the red cross
  • torrentreactor feeds work again
  • when ted has no trayicon, he will announce new torrents and errors through popups
  • when ted has no trayicon, the closing button will actually exit ted instead of minimize to the not existing tray
  • extended keyword filtering. supports¬†!, & and | operators: ((!xvid & hdtv) | (lol & ipod)) |¬†!(xvid & piet & henk)
  • the episode dialog has a tab for the schedule and more space for display on mac


release: 26-01-2006


  • utorrent, abc and bitcomet clients are now supported by the "try to open in your default bittorrent client" feature
  • added setup wizard. When you run ted for the first time, you have to configure the directory where ted saves his torrents
  • date check to filter out fakes
  • filter on keywords. You can now use certain keywords to ignore or download torrents (keywords are matched against torrent title)
  • support for feeds. some feeds of isohunt can have difficulties loading cause they have strange characters in them that are not allowed in RSS
  • button that loads the last episode from a feed
  • added tooltips to several buttons and textfields


  • ted checks now better if he really downloaded a torrent or just plain html of an error page
  • better and more detailed error messages
  • when ted finds a new season but you don't want ted to download it, he now remembers so you don't have to click no anytime he checks a episode
  • the edit/add show dialog now has tabs to make it smaller and cleaner
  • fixed filesaving bug in linux. ted now uses \ instead of / to save the torrent


release: 18-01-2006


  • support for rss feeds (thnx goatjuggler)
  • ted now checks which os he's running on to see if he can safely add a trayicon (fix for MacOs) (thnx all people offered to test ted on macOs)


  • default value for season and episode when adding a new show are now 1 instead of 0 (thnx crap)
  • added feeds to rss-urls.txt (thnx jaks13579, goatjuggler, Swimming_Bird)
  • made selection box for predefined shows wider
  • logwindow now opens in front of ted, instead of next to ted (if ted was maximized the logwindow would open out of your sight) (thnx goatjuggler)


release: 17-01-2006


  • about dialog
  • button next to RSS url to open the url (so you can verify feeds)
  • menu item to open ted website
  • help menu item now opens online documentation
  • when ted finds a new version of himself, you can choose if you want to open the download page
  • ted asks when he finds a new season if the user wants ted to start looking for episodes in this new season
  • added "MB" textlabel next to minimum and maximum sizes for an episode


  • default refresh time was 50 seconds, changed to 300 seconds


  • Initial Beta Release
  • Only distributed to ted beta testers Logo
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